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Vadodara, India
Tuesday, October 3, 2023

There is something about jungles that intrigue all of us.

We are here to bridge the gap between the wildlife and people – A gap that needs to be bridged, a road that needs to be built.

Gujarat the world over is known as the business capital of India, a state that drives economic growth and prosperity. But there is more to this wonderful state than just business. It is the wildlife that is rich, vibrant and fascinating.

Wild Streak of Nature – our maiden venture is an earnest attempt to capture the wildlife spirit of Gujarat. A website dedicated to bringing the entire natural world on the virtual space. This is a platform where the wild voices, the unsung heroes and untold stories will find space as well as voice.

We are proud to share that this is one of the first initiative that has been launched in Gujarat. A complete website, that offers glimpse of wildlife hidden behind the tall trees, shrubs and thick forests.

This is a platform that aims to promote wildlife tourism and educate people on the need to conserve the environment. Wildlife in itself is a vast area to explore and it takes years of dedicated effort to understand this subject in depth. Our team is fortunate enough to have explored the wildlife destinations in our state both as reporters and as photographers.

Our professional stint fuelled by our own passion has helped us create a special bond with Mother Nature. Taking our passion further, we have launched this unique portal that will share stories on wildlife.

It will be a platform that will showcase the beauty of wildlife and connect wildlife enthusiast working in this field.

Wildlife awareness will bring in more curiosity that eventually will make people more curious about the places and species of wildlife. This will in turn increase footfalls in various sanctuaries in the state.

Gujarat is blessed with many wild destinations and it will be our endeavour to promote them holistically using the digital space. We hope to take the legacy ahead and make everyone a ‘caretaker’ of these wildlife destinations.

Come let’s explore a life beyond the concrete jungle…