With summer at its peak, the weather across the country encourages wildlife to come out into the open. The tigers, the lions, and the other rare and exotic species all come out of their shelters to bask in the warm sunray. The different variety of birds chirping in the blue sky above, the animals embracing the warm in the open, the light summer breeze that blows, etc., all this sure makes for a wonderful and exhilarating experience visiting wildlife during this season.

Top Wildlife Sanctuaries To Visit In Summer

These wildlife sanctuaries in India act as a sensuous treat for people from all walks of life and encourage many wildlife photographers and nature lovers to make the most of their surroundings.

1. Jim Corbett Wildlife Park


Best known for the Bengal tigers found here, one can also find wild elephants, serow, goral, etc. roaming around the park along with various other animal and bird species. Jim Corbett is known to be Asia’s first National Park, established in the year 1936. It is also one of the best places to visit in India for nature lovers. For best spotting, one should visit here during the months of March to May.

2. Ranthambore Wildlife Park


An ideal park that boasts of a number of tigers, this national park, located in Rajasthan, is the ideal fit for all the wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts. It was once said to be the hunting grounds of the great Maharajas, so one can also find historical ruins, forts and temples around and inside the park, making it an ideal place for wildlife photographers and history buffs.

3. Pench National Park


Home to a good number of leopards and tigers, this park located at the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra also houses over 285 beautiful migratory and resident birds. During summers, tourists are lucky to spot some wild boars, nilgai etc. The vast expanse with varied topography attracts a lot of foreign tourists as well. The national park has served as an inspiration behind the famous Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Best time to visit this park is from March to June.

4. Tadoba Tiger Reserve


This reserve has gradually become famous for top-class tiger sightings over the last couple of years. It presents a wonderful landscape, surrounded by lakes, forests, and hills. This park remains open throughout the year, unlike many other wildlife sanctuaries. But the best time for spotting tigers is from March to May. One can also find barking deer, gaur, hyenas, and leopards among many other animals here.

5. Kanha National Park


This national park is home to black panthers, bears, pythons, elephants, and the tiger. The flat landscaping makes it easy for viewers to spot animals, where one can spot deer prancing on one side, and peacocks playing on the other while enjoying the serene nature at the same time. To spot the majestic cats, one should visit during the months of March- June.

The peak summer months enrich the overall experience as temperatures in most national parks across India are on a rise during summer, thereby, allowing a large number of wildlife enthusiasts to make the most of their surroundings. Plan your next vacation to one of these five national parks which unleash a wide range of attractions once the mercury rises.