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Vadodara, India
Friday, June 14, 2024

Kartik Bhavsar

Wildlife Photographer, Traveller and journalist

For last 15 years Kartik has been working on one mission – to capture the beauty of wildlife in pictures. In a career spanning over a decade, he has covered all the wildlife spots in Gujarat and continues to look for new spots to capture the uncaptured.


Manushi Gaudana


Travelling comes to people in two ways.  In one case you choose travelling and in other, travelling chooses you. Well, I belong to the latter one. My professional, education and social commitments made travel choose me!   I refer to myself as “Musafir Hu Yaaroon”.

Late Rakesh Vadhvana

Wildlife Photographer

Very recently started wildlife photography, it has been a wonderful journey with wildlife photography enthusiastic photographer were many hats at one go. A wildlife photographer and part of the animal rescue team.


Keyur Rathod

Wildlife Photographer

A wildlife enthusiast and explorer by passion. Love to capture the wonders of mother nature. A wildlife photographer, film maker and storyteller. worked in some documentaries related to wildlife.

Bhargavi Joshi

Traveller and journalist

I am an ardent traveller and wish to explore the world as much as possible. I love to explore local cultures of various places and also adventurous by nature. I feel that life is too short to enjoy wonderful creations of nature.


Sakshi Saxena

Communication Designer and Traveler

Sakshi is a happy-go-lucky explorer who enjoys traveling. An early-riser, she doesn’t enjoy sleep but rather prefers peeping out of the window when on a journey. She’s an old-school music lover, a better writer,  an admirer of fashion, but finds her perks in the little joys of traveling.