Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is situated in Rajkot(Gujarat-India) district and is just 10kms away from Jasdan which was once a princely state.Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary Surrounded by rainfed arid land from all sides, this small wildlife sanctuary of Hingolgadh is a preferred habitat for Chinkara, blue bull and a very large number of resident and migratory birds.

This sanctuary has a special ecological significance as the dry deciduous thorny forests and savannah type grasslands merge here. It plays a crucial role in the ground water conservation by recharging aquifers in the region. Declared as a sanctuary in 1980, the area has a high educational and recreational value.

A small sanctuary but worth a visit one and several camps are organised to generate awareness regarding wildlife and its conservation. The sanctuary is managed by Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation. Around 50-100 Nature Education Camps are organised by the Foundation every year during the monsoon season. The participants are generally school children.

You get to see Chinkara, Leopard, Flying fox, Hyena and Wolf. Along with 230 species of birds, this sanctuary is also the home to about 19 species of snakes.

The best time to visit Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is between the month of July and February.