Presently under strict observation of Zoo curator and doctors

A new attraction was added to the Jungle Safari of Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) as the lioness delivered two healthy cubs two days ago. The cubs born to Raja and Rani are healthy and kept under observation before allowing them to roam inside their cage.

Expressing the view that breeding and childbirth are not very common in zoos, Rahul Patel, Public Relations Officer, Statue of Unity, said that the animals are taken care of here following all the criteria laid down by the Zoo Authority of India. As a result, after leopard, deer now the lioness gave birth to cubs in the middle of the night on Monday. The cubs are healthy and presently not on display as they are just born and under strict observation doctors and biologists. The lion couple is here for more than a year and is their first breeding.

This jungle safari is throbbing with tourists every day and the birth of cubs is definitely a big event. After 230 days of pregnancy, the lioness gave birth to cubs. It is not possible to know the sex of the cub for some time after the birth and they will be named after the zoologists have decided on their species at the right time.

The cage is alive with the arrival of the naughty cubs of the Asian lion couple. One of the major attractions associated with the Statue of Unity in Ekta Nagar is the jungle safari where wildlife is cared for by skilled keepers and doctors. Every enclosure has an animal keeper for 24 hours and a curator and doctor visit twice a day. The zoo Curator is ACF Ravirajsinh Rathod and the Jungle Safari director is DCF Ramratan Nala.