National Birds Day is observed on 5 January to raise awareness about birds that are captured or produced in captivity for monetary gain or pleasure.

National Bird Day 2023: On January 5, National Bird Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the value of tiny tweets in the ecosystem. The Avian Welfare Coalition, which works hard to promote awareness for birds that are captured or produced in captivity for either financial gain or for human amusement, is behind this initiative.

Why is National Bird Day celebrated on 5 January?

National Bird Day, which has American origins, has been celebrated annually on January 5 since its inaugural event in 2002.

This particular day was chosen because January 5 also happens to be the day of the yearly “Christmas Bird Count.” This yearly national holiday has been observed in the USA for quite some time. The findings offer details on both the quantity and condition of birds across the United States of America.

Due to their close resemblance to the evolution of dinosaurs, birds are regarded as living relics of the past. They are frequently keystone species in ecosystems and indicators of their health and vitality. The Avian Welfare Coalition created National Bird Day in order to raise awareness of the struggles and plight of these significant animals as well as the ways in which we can start the change that is required to establish a healthier, more sustainable relationship with them.

What is the importance of National Bird Day?

The 850 bird species that live in the United States are among the many different bird species that are honored on National Bird Day. Yes, they all have a beak, two wings, and feathers. But after that, there are notable differences.

National Bird Day falls on the same day as the three-week-long Christmas Bird Count, the world’s largest citizen science project that counts wild birds in the United States.

Climate change, habitat loss, deforestation, and other factors that have a devastating impact on life are putting many birds in danger. These common crimes against birds are discussed and addressed in public on National Bird Day.

People from all over the United States participate in this event because raising awareness is one of its main purposes. A day when birds should be treated with the utmost respect is indicated by this. We all have the chance on this day to spread the word about bird preservation and how to protect them.

The world’s bird population totals over 9800 species. An individual cannot possibly see every single one of them! But on National Bird Day, anyone with an interest in birds can use this event to get a glimpse of the various bird species that are found nearby.

Some interesting facts about Birds

  • None of the bird species have teeth, how do they chew?
  • Birds can communicate effectively by chirping and singing.
  • Birds sing and chirp in order to attract a mate, among other things.
  • The largest eyes of any land mammal are found in ostriches.
  • Only warm-blooded vertebrate animals with feathers include birds.
  • A female bird can lay eggs whether or not she has a mate.
  • Being in a flock allows birds to look in multiple directions, which aids in maintaining alertness.
  • Parrots, for example, can mimic human speech.
  • Ducks only have one brain, and only one-half of it sleeps at a time. The other half is awake and active.It is just not possible for you to not enjoy a bird-watching session, after reading all these amusing facts. Happy National Birds Day!!